Model Eye Center provides best phaco surgery service. Phacoemulsification is a cataract removal surgery that involves taking out the front portion of the eye lens while retaining the posterior capsule. It is a safe, painless procedure followed by the implantation of an artificial lens (IOL) in the affected eye to improve vision.

Phacoemulsification is the technique by which cataract is broken into small pieces and removed from the eye using ultrasound with the help of a special phaco equipment. Model Eye Center has a modern phaco machine and best phaco surgeons. We offer varieties of foldable lens implantation during Phaco surgery according to the patient’s need. The patient does not need to stay at our eye center, they can go home on the same day.

Model Eye Center, Phaco Surgery

phaco surgery at model eye center

Benefits of Phaco Surgery are:

  • No hospitalization
  • Smaller incision
  • No restriction on normal activities.
  • Can join work from the next morning.
  • Fast recovery of good vision in a matter of days.